What We Do

The question being urgently asked by every business leader is, “What can I do to grow the top line?” Demand generation is the answer, but it’s not easily accomplished. It involves creating relevance for your brand, building awareness of your product or service, developing compelling validation for your solution, and taking the right mitigating actions along the path to purchase.


Building a brand and meaning around it are necessary foundations for effective demand generation. Whether it’s repositioning a brand or developing a new one, Tru North can help create affinity at every point in the customer journey.

Lead generation

Lead generation utilizes various strategies and tactics to drive, capture and cultivate new business leads. It’s about “feeding” the sales team, and Tru North is able to successfully apply its expertise across a number of areas to do so.

Sales enablement

It takes both marketing and sales to acquire customers. Tru North provides a range of services that help close gaps between these two functions and promote sales efficiency and revenue growth.

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